A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Canoe Lander is a point-and-click adventure game about five young adults on a mission to find humanity's next home away from home. It's supposed to be comedic, but whether or not it's actually funny is entirely up to you!

If you like the soundtrack, you can download it here.


Left-click to interact. Right-click or spacebar will bring up the inventory. Pause the game with the escape key.

If you come across any bugs, try relaunching the app. The game should autosave each time you enter a new room.


Creative Director // Shan Khan

Artist // Erys Mendoza

Programmer // Carlo Albino

Composer // Branan Ranjanathan

Animators //

  • Jason Mitri
  • Maggie Danial
  • Arin MacDonald

Voice Actors //

  • Thom Nyhuus as Jason
  • Gabriella Albino as Michiko
  • Parmida Kakavand as Lisa
  • Michael Ricci as Dori
  • Jake Runeckles as Wando
  • Sasha Lampert as N3


Canoe Lander (v1.2) 278 MB
Canoe Lander (v1.2) 309 MB

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